Mourne Skyline MTR

'Course Recce/Training Days'

Our Mourne Skyline MTR 2020 is scheduled to take place on SATURDAY 17TH OCTOBER 2020... this remains the case!

However, there will be NO recce days ahead of the 2020 event.  

Please see our official statment below...


Our team have made the tough decision to terminate planning for the 2020 Mourne Skyline MTR Recce Days.

In previous years we have held these days to allow those involved in the event the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the course; these are usually in the Summer months.

However, given the release of yesterday’s Northern Ireland Executive ‘Our approach to decision making’ Recovery Document, we just cannot ‘cement’ a date in the calendar for the recce days.

As a result, we do not want participants booking travel and / or accommodation, and then potentially lose money if we have to cancel. In addition to this, as race organisers and a not-for-profit organisation, we cannot commit any further funds to this which could be lost should the recce days have to be cancelled. We hope you understand the rationale behind this decision.

Like everyone, we continue to monitor the situation around Coronavirus COVID-19 and Local Government regulations, as well as current guidance from Local Governing Bodies (Athletics NI and Sport NI). It is this information and the safety of our fellow runners which informs our decision making.

➡️ Current Update on our Mourne Skyline MTR 2020...

As we stand right now, the Mourne Skyline MTR 2020, scheduled for Saturday 17th October 2020, is still very much ON!

We will provide further updates as appropriate.

Please take care and stay safe. Thank you for your continued support.

Mourne Skyline MTR Team

** To get an idea about what is involved in previous recce days, please see information below from 2019 Course Recce / Training Days... *




Our 'Course Recce/Training Weekend'  will take place on Saturday 14th (9am) and Sunday 15th (9am) September 2019.

These Recce/Training Days will also suit those who are based outside Northern Ireland as they will be run of consecutive days.  

Recce Day 1 (Saturday 14th September 2019) will cover the first half of the course and Recce Day 2 (Sunday 15th September 2019) will cover the second half of the course.

It is IMPORTANT to note that places on the recce days will be restricted to 20 athletes per day, so it is important you inform us of your attendance as soon as possible.

Day 1 - Saturday 14th September 2019:

On Saturday 14th September 2019, we will cover the first section of the course, taking us from Newcastle Town Centre to the furthermost point of the course at Slievenaman Road, Newcastle (approx 17k in distance).

Day 2 - Sunday 15th September 2019:

On Sunday 15th September 2019, we will cover the second part of the route, which will start at the furthermost part of the course on Slievenaman Road, Newcastle and follow the race route to the finish line in Donard Park, Newcastle.  This is approximately 18k in distance.


-  Date: Saturday 14th September 2019 (9am).

- Meeting Place (both days): Donard Park Car Park, Newcastle, County Down (9am).

- Aid Stations: There will be NO aid stations, so please ensure that you are 100% self sufficient. This should include (at a MINIMUM) water and emergency food (ie mars bar).

- Equipment: This is a training run and as such, YOU are responsible for the kit that you bring; we would recommend that you carry equipment suitable for current and predicted weather conditions and carry a mobile phone and whistle. If anyone has any questions in relation to recommended equipment, please be sure to ask in the run up to the recce day.

- Cost:  We would ask everyone to bring £5 (per day), this is just to cover the cost of transport costs. We will arrange the transport.

Accommodation:  For those completing the recce weekend, details of accommodation in the area are available on our Travel Info page.

These recce/training weekend is open to those who have entered the Mourne Skyline MTR and our Volunteer team.  

PLEASE INFORM US IF YOU PLAN TO ATTEND THE RECCE DAYS VIA EMAIL TO - - Please include your name and mobile phone number.


If you intend to take part in any of the Recce Days, you MUST inform us via email ( before Thursday 5th September 2019 (5pm).